Head eye vestibular rehab and decreasing concussion symptoms

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Eye movements are intrinsic to moving and doing normal living activities. But eye movements are also the window to spine function too. Because head-eye-neck-upper limb movements are wired together via the Tectospinal tract when eye movements lose their smoothness, accuracy, speed.  If there is a breakdown in the reflex head and eye movements known as the vestibular ocular reflex or volitional movements such as smooth pursuit, saccades etc,  this can cause neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain etc. This occurs with a breakdown in proprioception which is how the spine and head moves in relationship to the vestibular and eye movement systems . Concussion is a significant injury that can go undetected and can have life long effects if untreated. The ability to detect abnormal eye movements is extremely difficult without…
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Pain: What is Pain

Simply put: from the International Association  for the Study of Pain  http://www.iasp-pain.org/Taxonomy Pain An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage. So that back pain that you perceive can be a warning system to alert you to damage that may occur if you keep doing that activity or that that group of activities was more than you could handle. There are multiple systems that carry a signal from a Nociceptor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nociceptor. A Nociceptor changes a  Nociceptive stimulus* [An actually or potentially tissue damaging event transduced and encoded by nociceptors] these stimuli being; back pain, pins and needles radiating down the arm, a hot flame - heat, icy cold, a cut to a splinter, inflammation from a bruise or…
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